Grayhats is a Spanish “born-in-the-cloud” enabler with a prime focus on secure cloud environments. Our mission is to enable innovative cloud adoption by providing capabilities to enable, integrate and operate cloud platforms within secure cloud environments. The primary cloud platform partner is AWS with current customers mainly in the public sector such as local councils (+400k citizens) as well as private sector companies.

GrayHats allows companies to not only to survive but prosper in this era of disruptive tech and accelerating pace of change, enabling them to create an organization that can adapt quickly and move efficiently from legacy businesses and business models to new ones. A public cloud provides the agility needed to migrate a company’s underlying business processes that is paramount to sustaining competitiveness


Information Security:
  • IP protection
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Disaster Recovery
Cloud Transformation:
  • Growth
  • Efficiency and better TCO
  • Flexibility / Scalability
Process Management:
  • Odoo ERP/CRM


We focus on cloud and security services enabling clients to be lean, smart, efficient and secure.


We help you jump into the cloud

We apply the most advanced cloud resources to your company making it more efficient, more secure, reducing costs and increasing your productivity.


We use the cloud to improve the security of your data

We provide solutions to build a solid foundation to store your company information and intellectual property. We also help you to comply with the necessary regulations for your sector such DGPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, National Security Frameworks or ISO 27001.


The best brands at the disposal of your company

CloudSourcing with Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing is the latest trend in the way companies access IT infraestructure. The main objective is to offer this technology in the form of integrated and accessible services without the needing a separate infrastructure that serves them. These services are contracted and dimensioned according to current need and are paid monthly, thus drastically reducing upfront costs and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Next Generation Firewalls

Palo Alto Networks is the leading brand in what is known as "next-generation firewalls" and network security. Such firewalls provide visibility and control over the network and exerts unprecedented control over applications and users rather than ports and protocols. This firewall not only improves security in your company but also increases employee productivity.

Global Cellular Connectivity for IoT Devices

Eseye aims to offer the most comprehensive, resilient and supported cellular IoT connectivity available to businesses today. With 800+ customers, spanning 160 countries, we deliver highly secure, scalable and easy to deploy cellular connectivity through the revolutionary AnyNet™ and AnyNet Secure™ Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs).

Web Application Firewall

Imperva Cloud WAF, with Incapsula technology, is a firewall service for web applications in the cloud, easy and inexpensive, it offers companies a powerful system to protect their critical Web applications. With Imperva Cloud WAF your organization could:

  • Protect Your Website Against Hackers and DDoS Attacks
  • Achieve PCI 6.6 Compliance
  • Improve Website Performance
  • Avoid Search Engine Blacklisting
  • Benefit from Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Next Generation Wifi

The indoor wireless networks are replacing their wired counterparts. With the standard 802.11ac high density access points without the without the need for provision controllers, high speeds and with HiveManager, Aerohive has become the benchmark in wireless technologies.

Malware Protection

Today's businesses and computer requirements continue to become increasingly complex, but there is no reason their security must also be so. Instead of wrapping existing systems with new security systems, there is a better, streamlined, powerful and proven solution. Sophos protects your network, workstations, and server users.

Products / Grayhats Secure Cloud

Secure your applications is simple

Secure Cloud is an IaaS cloud environment managed by security and system experts. Ideal for deploying and growing stable and critical 24x7x365 applications such as e-commerce, ERP, CRM or API Backend systems.

Products / Grayhats Veta Cloud

Store and analyze your information

Veta Cloud is a ready to use environment for data science and big data analytics allowing companies to take advantage and gain a deeper understanding of both present and future company information. VetaCloud is the perfect tool for this.

Products / Grayhats Cockpit Cloud

Manage your company in just one click

CockPit is an SaaS environment equipped with a ready to use ERP/CRM system (odoo) within a secured cloud. This cloud based ERP system is fully managed and supported by Grayhats ad is deployable for any vertical type of industry.