What we do?:


We live a new industrial revolution, the information age. Companies that understand and adapt themselves, will grow faster than its competitors and will fulfill their objectives, those which not, will stay on the road.

In an increasingly globalized world in which people have quick access to services that may be instant offered from thousands kilometers, embracing disruptive innovationa and creative destruction  as flag, where costs are minimized and customer care is taken to levels not seen, how you compete? The answer my friend is... technology.

No doubt the answer lies in technology. As in England in the middle of the eighteenth century the people and companies which adapts quicker, will experience an improvement in how they relate and get the satisfaction of their customers and will have an advantage over the competitors in their sector.

At   grayhats  see ourselves as tech partners of our clients. We collaborate with them to achieve a competitive, healthy, efficient and sustainable development of their businesses.

We work with them to achieve a competitive, healthy, efficient and sustainable development of their businesses.

An essential part of our mission is to offer productivity solutions and business development through the implementation of security and systems in infrastructures, business processes and information.

Look how we do it

how we do it?:

also, we will install, maintain and protect it

systems / design & cloudsourcing


We design systems according to the requirements of your company and according to its internal operation, optimizing the tasks, aligning the management, facilitating the administration and saving cost.

These systems can be integrated in your premises or outsourced in the datacenter of a third party (known as the cloud).

Cloud computing is the latest trend in enterprise technology. It offers a set of integrated services of payment by subscription without the need of having an own infrastructure which would have to be maintained.

systems / Computer Maintenance

We keep your gear always running

Our maintenance contract covers both your company's computer systems and the elements of your network, as well as commonly used software.

After an initial audit, preventive, adapted and periodic maintenance can be established. This service is complemented by a consumable corrective maintenance on demand and training of workers and key users.

systems / Green Computing

Profitability for your company caring for the planet

The green development establishes policies to reduce the consumption of resources that besides implying an economic cost for the company, they have an ecological cost in terms of carbon footprint for our environment.

We deal with issues of efficiency in power consumption, paper, toner, telecommuting and waste management among others. When a company moves towards environmental and social sustainability it is economically efficient and profitable.

security / Auditoría y consultoría


We introduce security in both companies and government administrations. We can start with an initial audit or with an already detected need.

Our protection work covers several environments: perimeter security, end devices, procedures and information in web pages or applications.

security / Regulatory compliance

protect your customers and organization

The   Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos (LOPD)  Is mandatory for any company and public administration that maintains personal information of third parties such as customers, suppliers, contacts agenda, etc. It emphasizes the extraordinary value of our personal information and how important it is to keep it protected.

. National Security Scheme (NSS) Is mandatory for the whole of the Spanish public administration. It applies to all systems, data, communications and electronic services that allow citizens and Public Administrations to exercise rights and fulfill duties through electronic means and services.

security / bitcoin support

Transacciones directas, seguras y sin intermediario

We are convinced that the future of monetary system should point to cryptocurrencies . Bitcoin is a global, decentralized, safe and low-fee currency which is presented today as one of the best options both online and real world payments.

We offer free services of information and integration both internet payment gateways and physical devices in visionary business who intend to be at the forefront of financial innovation.


The best brands at the disposal of your company

CloudSourcing with Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing is the latest trend in the way companies access IT infraestructure. The main idea is to offer the technology as a set of integrated and accessible services without the need of having its own infrastructure that serves them. These services are contracted and dimensioned according to the need of the moment and are paid monthly drastically reducing upfront costs and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Next Generation Firewalls

Palo Alto Networks is the leading brand in what is known as "next-generation firewalls" and network security. Such firewalls provide visibility and control over the network and exerts unprecedented control over applications and users rather than ports and protocols. This firewall not only improves security in your company but especially your employee’s productivity.

Global Cellular Connectivity for IoT Devices

Eseye aims to offer the most comprehensive, resilient and supported cellular IoT connectivity available to businesses to today. With 800+ customers, spanning 160 countries, we deliver highly secure, scalable and easy to deploy cellular through the revolutionary AnyNet™ and AnyNet Secure™ Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs).

Web Application Firewall

Imperva Cloud WAF, with Incapsula technology, is a firewall service for web applications in the cloud, easy and inexpensive, it offers companies a powerful system to protect their critical Web applications. With Imperva Cloud WAF your organization could:

  • Protect Your Website Against Hackers and DDoS Attacks
  • Achieve PCI 6.6 Compliance
  • Improve Website Performance
  • Avoid Search Engine Blacklisting
  • Benefit from Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Next Generation Wifi

The indoor wireless networks are replacing their wired counterparts. With the standard 802.11ac high density without the need to provision controllers, high speeds and with HiveManager, Aerohive has become the benchmark in wireless technologies.

Malware Protection

Today's businesses and computer requirements continue to become more and more complex, but the safety of them does not have to be. No need to wrap existing systems with new security systems. There is a better, streamlined, powerful and proven solution. Sophos protects your network, workstations, and server users.